I’m usually inside my head with the deep “Whuh, Whuh” of my own breath and whatever uptempo house track is being pumped into my ears from my headphones as I run the curves of this Andy Goldsworthy Piece called “Wood Line”.

But this morning I decided to take my new (to me) Canon T1i and get some images. I was armed with a Latte and a few hours. I expected the line of the piece to create some interesting intersections with the wall of eucalyptus trees that edge the hollow where the logs sit.

I didn’t expect the light to be so fascinating. The soft patches of buttery yellow which coated the tree trunks and the grassy spots and which looked like they were shot out of some enormous butter lobbing t-shirt gun. Their softness fit so well with the smooth trunks and gentle curves of the logs that Goldsworthy had laid carefully in the woods.