She spent for acceleration, which left her forever high and historyless. The anxiety to save against the uncertainty of the future did not burden her. Value flowed effortlessly through the porous material of her better judgement. Everything got spent. Money, time,...

Glowing Window

A belly full of wine and good friendship before this glowing window stopped me cold on my hushed walk home.

Lattes & Light

I’m usually inside my head with the deep “Whuh, Whuh” of my own breath and whatever uptempo house track is being pumped into my ears from my headphones as I run the curves of this Andy Goldsworthy Piece called “Wood Line”. But this morning I decided to take my new (to...


A mirrorball of long friendships, a fishbowl of harsh reflections.


She’d fostered an insidious talent. I’d watched her inject germs of doubt into so many beautiful confidences.

The Benefits of Becoming a Bore

I made a squeegee with the skin between my thumb and forefinger…and as I ran my hand along the glassy rail the crystal drops danced up and over the back of my hand splashing down into the deep unsettling murk of the mossy bay. The sleeve of my hoodie was soaked. I was...


He existed in a windstorm. Feverishly keeping the lattice work of lies he’d built from violently splintering into the howl. There were mornings when he felt that things were getting away from him. It wasn’t the first thought. More of a feeling at the first. A slight,...

Slipping Out

The pair was stacked. Two hollow accordions sitting deflated, squat, and patient on the floor.

Pretty Little Hook

Squeezed within the mouth of an animal more powerful than she could possibly be. Pressed until the hope leaked out.


She had an unnatural aversion to the horizontal. Which led to the usual things of course, insomnia, awkward sex but there were less obvious effects too. She never laid anything on a table, she never slid across wooden floors, she never enjoyed anything flat. The scope of her pseudo-phobia was narrow enough that even people who knew her pretty well weren’t aware of it but it’s not like there weren’t other things.


It could be Saturday and I am walking home and I have just enjoyed and then expended the satisfaction of completing some mundane task such as returning a Zip Car and I will start to daydream about living in a large city. I think about living in New York and walking,...