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Figuring out how to send readers directly to your book on the iBookstore can be challenging because Apple markets their book offerings mostly through their iTunes media store. However, it is possible to get to your content at the iBookstore by going to a URL. There are a couple of ways to get the URL for your eBook at the iBookstore.

Getting a URL in iTunes1) If you are using iTunes you can navigate to your content in the iBookstore, searching for your book title is probably the best option. Once you have found your book you can either right click on the book title or the cover image and select “Copy Link” to copy the URL to your clipboard. When the URL is in your clipboard you can Copy and Paste (control + V on PC, command + V on a Mac) it into and email, a webpage, or a browser.

2) The second option for getting your URL is to simply use the URL format that Apple uses for all of the books at the iTunes store and add your book’s title and Apple ID to the end of the URL. The beginning of the standard format for the URL is:

By adding your book’s title and then “/id” and your book’s Apple ID you can make a complete URL. Here is an example for Moby Dick:

Don’t forget to sneak the forward slash and the letters i and d into the URL after the title and before the Apple ID for your book.

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