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Learn to write, produce, market, and sell your books

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You gotta start someplace. Get information on how to set a schedule, the best writing applications, and how to stay motivated.


You’ve got a manuscript and now you need to turn your words into books. Articles on how to create an ebook, applications for book production, and how to create books on a budget.


From where to sell to how much to price your books at. This section covers everything you need to know about the economics of independent publishing.


You gotta promote that masterpiece. Click here to get articles on how to promote and build an readership.

App Reviews

Product Review: Hi

Hi Co-founder Craig Mod has described the application/community as a “full stack” publishing platform. In fact I’ve seen the metaphor of a stack of pancakes used to describe the layers of the application. Hi is a web application that allows someone...

Product Review: Vellum – Ebook Creation Software

Vellum is gorgeous looking software that will create an ebook file for you to sell. The software is stripped down, simple to use. It’s not a word processor, although you could write your books in it if you only needed a very simple text editor. For a prose...

Expert Interviews

Q&A with Laura Fredericks of Describli

Describli is an application which allows writers to connect with their audience. Effectually helping writers build a readership and become authors. Here is a quote about Describli taken from their website: “We believe that Describli has an interesting part to...

An Interview with PressBooks Founder, Hugh McGuire

PressBooks is one of the best places to create ebook files for independent authors. The PressBooks software is built on top of WordPress, the world’s most popular website building software, so if you are familiar with WordPress then PressBooks will come...

Kids These Days: An Interview with Educator Matt Posner

This week’s interviewee is Matt Posner, a high school English teacher who works in Brooklyn, New York. Matt has been working with teenage students for over 10 years and he has a very real understanding of how kids are learning and working with technology right...